The Best Way to Keep Your Bike Rust and Scratch Free

An avid cyclist will know that after owning a bike for a long period of time, there may be areas on the frame where the paint has begun to bubble, and is looking a little worse for wear. Everyone would prefer to keep their bike clean and undamaged, but of course, the practical use of a bike is to ride it!

Sadly, crashes and accidents do happen some times, and scratches are a common occurrence in these circumstances. Mountain bikes and road bikes are exposed to all sorts of conditions through general use, including exposure to water, mud and salt.

If your bike has a steel frame and the scratch has gone through to the bare metal, it’s best to clean the area and then touch it up using paint to prevent it from rusting.

Providing that the damage hasn’t compromised the structure of the actual bike frame, aluminium or carbon fiber can be left without too much concern.

But if you would like to say goodbye to rust, scratches and corrosion forever, having your bike frame nickel plated is a great way to do so. When applied to a bike frame, an electroless nickel coating will protect your bike and prevent it from getting scratched in the unfortunate event of a fall or accident, or just general wear and tear.

The process of electroless nickel plating will also stop the risk of corrosion and rust occurring in the future, as electroless nickel is very resistant to corrosion.

It only costs £185 to have your bike electroless nickel plated by the experts at Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist. In just 5 days of receiving your bike, we can have it nickel plated and scratch and corrosion resistant for life. All you have to do is disassemble your bike, send us the handlebars and frame, and we’ll electroless nickel plate the parts and return them to you for reassembly.

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