Policy Statements

NiTEC’s Quality Policy Statement

It is an established policy of the company to provide its customers with a service to a standard of quality consistent with their agreed requirements and which conforms to the company’s quality specifications.

At Nitec UK Limited quality and service are of vital importance. We are totally committed to a Quality aims and objectives set forth in this Quality Manual in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 and to continual improvement of systems and processes relating to the product and service supplied.

Management objectives shall be developed through review and monitoring of the performance of the management system. Such objectives shall be monitored and reviewed through management of performance review processes to ensure adequate progress.

The purpose of the quality system is to describe how the company quality policy is put to effect, to give instructions and/or guidance to employees and to describe the overall quality systems and procedures within the company.

All employees are responsible for the implementation of the Quality Assurance techniques applicable to their activities and they are responsible for achieving the specified quality levels at all stages of work affected by these activities.

Nitec UK Limited