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Our Metal Coating & Corrosion Prevention Products

From the largest capacity electroless nickel plating facilities in the world to our industry leading SeaTEC 100 product for marine corrosion resistance, we can provide surface technology for all your requirements.  Simply click on the boxes below to find out more about our individual services.

Electroless nickel plating

The electroless nickel plating process is a high quality, cost effective solution for coating metals such as mild or stainless steel.

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Diffused nickel plating

The simple process of diffused nickel plating is the most effective coating to ensure the highest levels of corrosion resistance.

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SeaTEC100 is a cost-effective way of extending the life of mild-steel operating in marine environments.

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Copper plating

NiTEC offers a copper plating service that is suitable for both functional and decorative purposes.

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Shot blasting 

NiTEC has the capacity to shotblast components of up to 20 tonnes in weight.

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Heat treatment

The heat treatment solutions at NiTEC can be used for stress relieving and de-embrittlement as both pre-plate and post-plate treatments.

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Chilled iron shot blasting

Chilled iron shot-blasting is the perfect process to clean all types of metal and is most frequently used in restoration work.

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