Nov 22

Electroless Nickel Plating ‘The Spaceman’: Part 2

As a leading UK nickel plating company, we are often approached by customers with special projects that require expert handling. In the last Nitec blog post, we described our involvement in electroless nickel plating ‘The Spaceman’ for british artist and metal sculptor David Mach.

The size, surface area and fragility of the sculpture were all important considerations that needed to be addressed by the staff at Nitec. The sculpture had been constructed in three parts with an internal support structure.

As specialists in the process of electroless nickel plating, we are used to handling and plating large engineering components. An oversized nickel plating tank was used to nickel plate the sculpture, and the internal support structure of the piece was used for jigging.

By using this method, the fragile exterior of the sculpture was protected and it was subjected to the minimal amount of handling by Nitec staff.


When the sculpture had been through the process of nickel plating, a thin lacquer was applied to the surface and then and baked on in the furnace. This process helped to maintain the appearance of the electroless nickel coating while the statue was on show.

To find out more about electroless nickel plating and the way it can be used in art and sculpture, or for more information about our specialist nickel plating services, please visit the Nitec website.

Nov 21

Electroless Nickel Plating ‘The Spaceman’ : Part 1

Here at Nitec, we are specialists in electroless nickel plating, we and have lots of experience in metal plating outdoor sculptures.

The size of our nickel plating tanks are unrivaled in the UK and we can plate objects, sculptures and components that other UK nickel plating companies simply wouldn’t be able to.

David Mach is a recent artist that has taken advantage of our nickel plating services. Working primarily in metal, David Mach has produced a number of metal sculptures, and chose the process of nickel plating for his ‘Spaceman’.

‘The Spaceman’ had been made out of wire coat hangers, so the surface was very irregular. Also, the process of welding the hangers together had removed some of the existing zinc coating on them. The process of electroless nickel plating effectively covered the whole of the sculpture, despite the unusual surface texture.

Electroless nickel plating is an affordable solution for sculptures of this size, produces high quality results, and is extremely corrosion and wear resistant.

To find out more about electroless nickel plating, please visit the NiTEC website.