How Hard is Electroless Nickel Plating?

As a specialist electroless nickel plating company in Chesterfield, Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist are experts in the plating industry. A question that is frequently asked by customers and potential customers alike is ‘Exactly how hard is electroless nickel plating?

Depending on the phosphorus content in the deposit, electroless nickel deposits have hardness values in the range of 450 – 750 VHN. As a rule, the higher the  phosphorus content, the lower the deposited hardness of the electroless nickel.Mild steel with an electroless nickel coating has properties of hardness and corrosion resistance exceeding the benefits offered by stainless steel.

Increasing hardness of electroless nickel using heat treatment

An effective way of increasing the hardness of the electroless nickel coating is by using the process of heat treatment. Heat treatment can increase the hardness of electroless nickel coatings to in excess of 1000 VHN. This makes the nickel deposit hardness on par with hard chrome, with the added advantage of an even coating which will not require any machinery after plating.

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