Feb 14

Common Uses of Electroless Nickel Plating

Our previous blog posts have featured the uses of electroless nickel plating primarily in the manufacturing industry. Electroless nickel plating, however, is very versatile and can be used for a number of architectural and even domestic purposes.

For example, household items, taps, bathroom and kitchen accessories can all be nickel plated to achieve an attractive and hard wearing finish. Electroless nickel plating can also be used in the plumbing industry for showers, pipework, taps and accessories. It can even be used to plate garden furniture (see picture) as it’s excellent corrosion resistance and resistance to the elements means that it is a far better material for this purpose than wood or plastic.

Electroless nickel plating can also be used extensively for architectural purposes, such as hinges, locks, door knobs and handrails. It is also used in the refurbishment of hotels and shops to refinish existing fixtures and fittings.

Here at Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist, we welcome all types of nickel plating project, no matter how small or large. With the biggest nickel plating tanks in the UK, we are often asked to plate very large components. We also welcome smaller, public one off components and home projects.

Feb 13

Increased Use of Electroless Nickel Plating in the Automotive Industry

As experts in the electroless nickel plating process, the staff at Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist carry out metal plating on a number of projects specifically for the automotive industry.

We commonly plate brake calipers for the automotive industry as the process of electroless nickel plating can dramatically improve the quality of the surface metal. Nickel plating is the ideal way to coat and protect the steel of a brake caliper, making them very corrosion resistant and hard wearing. It is a necessity that brake calipers are very hard wearing and last a significant amount of time. This is because they allow a vehicle to stop as they squeeze the brake pads against the surface of the brake rotor.

Classic vehicle refinishing

Nickel plating has also become popular for plating and restoring classic cars, vintage cars, and motorcycles. Not only does the nickel look great with its bright, shiny silvery finish, it is also very hard wearing and perfect for protecting the vehicle from corrosion and rust.


When nickel plating is applied to cars and motorcycles, however, it can become dull if it is not polished regularly. But because nickel is such a hard metal, it can be cleaned easily with most metal cleaners without causing damage to the surface of the metal.

Feb 04

Electroless Nickel Applications

Electroless nickel coatings are commonly used in engineering applications. The field of engineering often requires coatings that can withstand a lot of wear and exposure to corrosive materials.

Common applications of electroless nickel include:

  • brake calipers (see image below)
  • oil field valves
  • rotors
  •  door knobs
  • kitchen utensils
  • bathroom fixtures
  • electrical tools
  • mechanical tools
  • office equipment
  • drive shafts
  • paper handling equipment
  • fuel rails

Electroless nickel is the idea coating to salvage worn parts. The hardness of the coating allows continued use of the component after plating because the electroless nickel can be applied and then machined afterwards to achieve the final dimensions.

There are other hard wearing coatings of course, such as hard chromium, but electroless nickel is better suited to applications of this sort because of its uniform deposition. This means that it can be applied successfully to very complex shaped parts, with the guarantee that the electroless nickel coating will fill all recesses, holes, and irregularities of the surface with a perfectly even coating.

Jan 30

Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist’s Surface Technology Capabilities

Here at Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist, we provide a wide range of surface treatment options for a variety of businesses. Specialising in electroless nickel plating, we also offer a range of other services including diffused nickel plating, copper plating and our very own surface treatment, SeaTEC 100 which has been developed especially for sub sea conditions.

Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating offers great wear and corrosion resistance, and is very cost-effective.

Find out more about our electroless nickel plating services here.


Diffused Nickel Plating

Diffused nickel plating is the gold standard in corrosion resistance and great for a marine environment.

Find out more about diffused nickel plating here.

SeaTEC 100

SeaTEC 100 is a an extremely effective way of increasing the longevity of components in subsea environments. This product can reduce maintenance costs and increasing the strength of components.

Find out more about SeaTEC 100 here.

Copper plating

Copper plating is an excellent conductor providing EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) shielding purposes.

Find out more about Copper Plating here.

Shotblasting and Heat Treatment

Thorough surface preparation can be achieved using Shotblasting and Heat Treatment in addition to the standard chemical cleaning and activation process.

 Find out more about Shotblasting and heat treatment here.

Chilled Iron Shot Blasting

Chilled Iron Shot Blasting is the perfect process to clean all types of metal removing paint, adhesive, plastic, grease and rust.

Find out more about chilled iron shot blasting.

Special Projects

Electroless nickel plating has been used in many special projects where corrosion resistance is required such as art installations and architectural applications.

Find out more about our special projects here. 

Jan 24

New Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist Website is Now Live!

Derbyshire based electroless nickel plating company Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist are pleased to announce the completion of our new website.

We have worked closely with Seven Creative, web design and marketing agency in Sheffield to create a new, modern site that reflects the growth of the business.

As our customers will already know, we have established ourselves over the past 20 years as electroless nickel plating, corrosion resistance and surface technology specialists. Therefore, our website needed to demonstrate effectively the various types of service that we provide.

Social media and blogs

The new website also includes links to our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr. Our 3 blogs can also be accessed from the website, which are updated regularly to include case studies, testimonials, recent projects and technical information.

To find out more about the services we offer, including electroless nickel plating, diffused nickel plating, copper plating, shot blasting and heat treatment, visit our new website at www.electroless-nickel-plating.co.uk

Jan 21

What is the Difference Between Electroless Nickel Plating and Electroplating?

An electroless nickel coating is created when an auto-catalytic chemical technique is used to deposit a layer of nickel onto a solid component, usually plastic or metal.

The metal is deposited when a reducing agent reacts with metal ions. The metallurgical properties of electroless nickel alloy depend on the percentage of phosphorus present in the deposit. Phosphorous content can range from low (2-5) to high (11-14).

Nickel electroplating is a process which results in the deposition of nickel onto a metal part. Electroplating is achieved by immersing the component into an electrolyte solution so that the component itself is used as the cathode. The nickel anode is then dissolved into the electrolyte solution of nickel ions. The ions travel through the solution and are then deposited on the component.

A thin layer of nickel is deposited onto the metal object, which can provide corrosion and wear resistance, or be used to build up parts that have been worn down over time.  Unlike electroless nickel plating however, this process makes the component subject to changes in the density of the current. This results in variations in the thickness of the electroplated deposit.

Jan 14

The Uniform Coating of Electroless Nickel

There are many advantages to using an electroless nickel coating. As specialists in the process of electroless nickel plating, Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist are often asked about the uniformity of coating that electroless nickel can provide.

The uniformity of an electroless nickel coating makes it perfect for use on engineering components, as a component’s machined tolerances are not deformed by the process.

The coating deposited by the process of electroless nickel plating is based on a chemical reaction. Therefore, the nickel collects in equal thickness over the component, whatever its shape and size.

The uniform coating of the nickel plating means that the surface is very hard wearing, resistant to corrosion and durable in a variety of environments, making it a suitable choice for engineering components.

Jan 10

The Best Way to Keep Your Bike Rust and Scratch Free

An avid cyclist will know that after owning a bike for a long period of time, there may be areas on the frame where the paint has begun to bubble, and is looking a little worse for wear. Everyone would prefer to keep their bike clean and undamaged, but of course, the practical use of a bike is to ride it!

Sadly, crashes and accidents do happen some times, and scratches are a common occurrence in these circumstances. Mountain bikes and road bikes are exposed to all sorts of conditions through general use, including exposure to water, mud and salt.

If your bike has a steel frame and the scratch has gone through to the bare metal, it’s best to clean the area and then touch it up using paint to prevent it from rusting.

Providing that the damage hasn’t compromised the structure of the actual bike frame, aluminium or carbon fiber can be left without too much concern.

But if you would like to say goodbye to rust, scratches and corrosion forever, having your bike frame nickel plated is a great way to do so. When applied to a bike frame, an electroless nickel coating will protect your bike and prevent it from getting scratched in the unfortunate event of a fall or accident, or just general wear and tear.

The process of electroless nickel plating will also stop the risk of corrosion and rust occurring in the future, as electroless nickel is very resistant to corrosion.

It only costs £185 to have your bike electroless nickel plated by the experts at Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist. In just 5 days of receiving your bike, we can have it nickel plated and scratch and corrosion resistant for life. All you have to do is disassemble your bike, send us the handlebars and frame, and we’ll electroless nickel plate the parts and return them to you for reassembly.

Jan 09

Increase the Lifespan of Steam Turbines with Electroless Nickel Plating

Based in Derbyshire, Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist have a wealth of experience electroless nickel plating for large multinational companies and a wide variety of industries.

As a leading provider of worldwide metal plating services, Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist have recently worked with Elliott Turbo-Steam Turbines. Elliot steam turbines are specially built to be able to perform for years, and they have an excellent reputation as being the best in the industry.

Elliot steam turbines are very reliable and hard wearing, and by adding an electroless nickel coating, their life span can be further increased. As the addition of an electroless nickel coating is very hard, it can reduce the wear of the part when friction is an issue.

Elliot steam turbines are used in power generation and food processing,  chemical and petrochemical, pulp and paper, and the oil and gas industry.

Jan 09

Electroless Nickel Plating for Rutherford Appleton Laboratories

Rutherford Appleton Laboratories approached Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist with the prospect of nickel plating a laboratory vacuum chamber. As specialists in the process of electroless nickel plating, the staff at Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist gladly took on the project.

Thousands of scientists and engineers have used the lab to carry out their research in lots of areas, including astronomy, physics and light sources. With such important research in mind, electroless nickel plating specialists Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist had to meet all the relevant regulations in order to comply with the high standards requested by Rutherford Laboratories.

The equipment requiring surface treatment was a vacuum chamber, used by the laboratory to carry out tests and experiments  The iron from the chamber walls was a concern for Rutherford Laboratories, as it could affect the results of tests. The lasers which are used in experiments such as these actually had the power to burn through the paint, therefore the chamber needed to be coated with a thin layer of electroless nickel to prevent this happening.

Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist have a large amount of experience in plating unusually shaped objects and equipment. The expert staff at Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist had to manufacture tanks to fit each part of the vacuum chamber, as the chamber came in several sections. Some of the parts weighed more than 20 tonnes.

The chamber itself was built like a small room, and had many portals, doors and windows which presented Electroless Nickel Plating Specialist with the problem of gas traps formed by the recesses. Therefore, the chamber itself, which was originally going to be used as the plating tank and filled with the electroless nickel plating solution, had to be sheeted over and internally shot blasted.

Blanking plates were made for each section of the chamber, and each one was fitted with an air pipe which fed up and outside the chamber in order to remove any excess solution and gas. This process ensured that the vacuum chamber was completely covered by the electroless nickel coating, meeting the high standards of quality required by the laboratory in order for all tests and experiments to be accurate and successful.